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Registration Options

$100 per conference session (IECMHI: Monday- Wednesday or CAFBH: Wednesday-Friday)
or $175 for the FULL WEEK.

Registration Details & Contingencies

This is a shared day, and participants may choose any of the workshops for this day except for The Babies Adaptive Behavior Inventory Training. This session has restricted registration. Participation is limited to those who have either attended a two day “First Steps for BABIES” training and/or the ILP learning collaborative.

There is a TWO-DAY TRACK on Thursday & Friday: First Steps for BABIES, Joy V. Browne, PhD, PCNS, IMH-E® (IV). This workshop is focused on infants. Please note there are a limited number of slots for this training. If you are currently employed by a local Infant Learning Program and have informed the state you are attending this training you do NOT need to register for the full five days of the conference. If you are not employed by an ILP agency the FULL WEEK registration is required.

We welcome you and hope that you will find this an exciting opportunity to learn, connect with partners and support Alaska’s children and youth!

Registration Instructions

  1. Download and closely review the detailed SCHEDULE and plan the sessions you want to register for.

  2. Click the green "Register for this training" button.
  3. Login if you have an account. If you don’t, click the "Join" link below the login fields on the left. If you need help creating an account, the first video in the HELP section under "About" (in the black bar), gives detailed instructions.
  4. When you get to the last tab, click the "Return to where you were" link.
  5. Click to verify your account details, and then click the "Continue to registration" button
  6. Choose the individual conference you are interested in, or register for the full week.
  7. Referring to the detailed schedule you downloaded, carefully choose the individual sessions you plan to attend. Be sure to only select sessions within the conference you chose on the previous screen.

When your registration is complete, you have three payment options. You can close the pop-up and scroll down to review your selections and make any changes. Click the blue "Payment Options" button to choose from the three available payment methods.
  • CREDIT CARD– payments are processed through PayPal, but you do not need to have a PayPal account
  • CHECK – you will be given the information for mailing a check. Your check must be received before the conference date.
  • AGENCY CONTACT OR INVOICE – enter the name, phone number and email address of the person who should be invoiced for your registration fees. A payment request will be sent directly to them.

If you have been given a discount code to use when paying for your registration for the Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Institute (IECMHI) and Child, Adolescent and Family Behavioral Health Conference (CAFBHC) 2020 Conferences.

  1. Complete your registration, then click the "Pay with Agency Contact or Invoice" button
  2. Enter the code you were given in the Contact Name field. The other two fields remain empty
  3. Click "Save payment" choice
Please note: You will receive an initial payment request email that you can ignore, as we have received your payment details.